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Non-Destructive Pavement Evaluation


The ability to do more pavement testing using non-destructive methods can simplify the process and data collection more routine. Non-destructive testing devices are particularly useful for assessing variability in the pavement that may indicate areas of weakness, and for measuring whether the load-bearing capacity of the pavement is structurally adequate. While some structural properties may require laboratory testing, it’s great when some of the pavement evaluation work can be done in the field with non-destructive testing.

Structural – Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD)

Airport Runways, Airsides and Roads

We own three Dynatest 8002 Hydraulic FWD’s and one Dynatest 8012 FastFWD to provide an advanced, automated and high quality load/deflection measurement solution to engineers worldwide.

The Dynatest Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) applies a dynamic load that simulates the loading of a moving wheel. The pavement response is analyzed with Dynatest’s ELMOD (Evaluation of Layer Moduli and Overlay Design) software to determine the elastic moduli, stresses and strains of each modeled layer. ELMOD reports the weakest layer of failure, residual life and determines the optimum rehabilitation alternatives. The FWD is available as a trailer mounted version meeting all FWD standards worldwide.

Functional – Road Surface Profiling (RSP)

Airport Runaways, Airsides and Roads

We own three Dynatest Inertial Laser Profilers (ASTM E950 Class I) mark III and IV to provide an advanced, automated high quality pavement measurement solution to engineers worldwide. SRT also provide riding quality measurements on unsurfaced roads by means of locally manufactured response type devices mounted on LDV’s, ideal for rugged terrain.

The Road Surface Profilometer measures a number of indices and characteristics including the longitudinal profile, International Roughness Index (IRI), Ride Number (RN), transverse profile & macrotexture. The system can also provide data for the Boeing Bump Index calculation. The RSP has a unique “Stop & Go” functionality enabling the equipment to operate in an efficient manner in urban areas, at traffic lights, stop signs, junctions and roundabouts, making it an ideal tool for data collection on both urban and rural networks. The equipment meets the ASTM E950 Class 1 and AASHTO R57 standards ensuring that the data can be used for project and network evaluation and in Pavement Management Systems.

Friction – Surface Friction Testing

Airport Runways, Airsides and Roads

We own one Findlay Irvine GripTester mark II and two Douglas Textron MuMeter mark VI, both with automated water delivery systems for Airport Runway Friction Testing.

Both devices are CFME’s (continuous measuring friction equipment) and produce automatic computerised results in a range of prescribed formats such as CAA, ICAO and FAA ideal for Airport and Road Agencies.