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Asphalt AMPT

Asphalt Mixture Performance Tester 


  • The AMPT is laboratory based equipment. It is used to conduct Dynamic Modulus and Flow number on road cores and laboratory compacted specimen (100x150mm). The laboratory specimen is gyratory compacted, cored and trimmed to the required dimensions.
  • Test method –  AASHTO TP79
  • The procedure provides indication of the dynamic modulus and the flow number of the HMA.
  • The  dynamic modulus is a performance-related property and is used for evaluation and characterizing the stiffness of Hot Mix Asphalt
  • Flow number gives indication of resistance to permanent deformation of the HMA

Asphalt Permanent Deformation

Hamburg Wheel Tracking Tester (HWTT)


  • The Hamburg wheel tracking tester is used to perform tests on the laboratory compacted specimen or road cores and is a laboratory fixed device.
  • Adopted standard test protocol – AASHTO T324
  • This procedure provides information about the rate of permanent deformation and rut depth from a moving load (steel wheel) and the premature failure susceptibility of the asphalt mix due to weakness in the aggregate structure, inadequate binder stiffness, or moisture damage.

Model Mobile Load Simulator (MMLS)


  • The MMLS can be used to perform tests on the laboratory compacted specimen, road cores or slabs.
  • Adopted standard test protocol – DPG1
  • MMLS testing is an accelerated pavement testing tool that allows the application of realistic wheel contact stresses for evaluation of pavement structures and road paving materials. The test can be conducted under both dry and wet conditions at predetermined temperature and loading conditions.

Asphalt Fatigue

4-Point Bending Beam Fatigue Testing


  • Bending beam fatigue test is conducted on a Hot Mix Asphalt beam (50x63x380mm) sliced out from a slab.
  • Adopted standard test protocol – AASHTO T321
  • This test is performed by placing a beam in a repetitive four point loading device at a specific strain level (200 to 750 micro strain) and specified loading rate. The test provides estimates of hot mix asphalt pavement layer fatigue life under repeated traffic loading and the dissipated energy of the test sample

Asphalt Testing Services

  • Determination of the fatigue life of compacted Hot Mix Asphalt subjected to repeated flexural bending
  • Determination of Water Permeability of asphalt
  • Determination of the Air Permeability of compacted Marshall specimens
  • Gyratory Compaction
  • Compaction of Marshall briquettes
  • Moisture Content of asphalt
  • Semi- circular bending test (SCB)
  • LCS Drainage Test
  • Determination of Adhesion of Bitumen to Stone (Riedel and Weber)
  • Effect of Moisture on asphalt concrete paving mixtures –  Modified Lottman
  • Determination of the soluble binder content and particle size analysis of an asphalt mix
  • Determination of Bulk Density and voids of compacted asphalt
  • Determination of the maximum void-less density of asphalt mixes
  • Determination of Marshall stability and flow
  • Bulk Relative Density (Waxed briquettes)
  • Wet Track Abrasion Test
  • Slump Test
  • Dynamic Creep Test
  • Static Creep
  • Resilient Modulus
  • Hamburg Wheel Track Testing of compacted Hot Mix Asphalt
  • Evaluation of Permanent Deformation and susceptibility to moisture damage of bituminous road paving mixtures using the model mobile load simulator (MMLS)
  • Schellenberg Drainage Test
  • Slurry Mix Test
  • Indirect Tensile strength test
  • Determination of immersion index of a bituminous mixture
  • Dynamic Modulus
  • Corelok Density
  • Asphalt mix design